About Us

Welcome to one of the only specialist Berghia Nudibranch breeders in the United Kingdom.

We have spent years perfecting the art of breeding the best, top quality Berghia Nudibranch and we are proud to be able to offer them for sale. Due to the innovative breeding systems we have set up, these guys are raised for one thing – eliminating aiptasia. The end result of our breeding regime creates very healthy Berghia Nudibranch that have a ferocious appetite for aiptasia. If you are looking to buy then click here.

What Berghia Nudibranch Can Do For You

If you are looking for Berghia Nudibranch to buy then chances are you know exactly why to choose them, they are the BEST solution to getting rid of aiptasia. The Berghia Nudibranch we breed eat one thing and one thing only, aiptasia, and lots of it. This not only means they are going to entirely devour what is one of the most invasive pests of the reef aquarium world, but it means they are 100% reef safe as they will not harm your expensive corals/fish/invertebrates. Many of the other ‘solutions’ actually just mitigate the damage (peppermint shrimp sometimes eating aiptasia) or actually worsen the damage (calcium injections that lead to greater cell division). 

If you would like more information before placing an order please check out our FAQ’s